About Us

The n-dim group has been in existence for over 10 years. The people who compose the group come from a diverse set of intellectual and cultural backgrounds, all gathered to work in the general area of understanding and supporting engineering design. n-dim originated with a small group at Carnegie Mellon University, although this group has remained constant, many other people have been involved in the project.

We welcome interest from fellow research groups and potential academic and industrial partners. In our research we want to continue to test our hypotheses about group work processes. We are specifically interested in issues around:

  • notification
  • information tracking, storage and retrieval
  • communication dynamics in groups
  • user evaluation studies
  • impact evaluation
  • information flow studies
Contact Us

n-dim group
Carnegie Mellon University
1201 Hamburg Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Eswaran Subrahmanian (Sub), Research Scientist, sub@ices.cmu.edu

For problems with the website, please contact: Helen Granger at hgranger@cs.cmu.edu