n-dim Papers

Design Studies
bulletBoundary Objects and Prototypes at the Interfaces of Engineering Design [PDF, 120kb]
bulletClassification for Communication and Communication for Classification In Engineering Design [PDF, 18kb]
bulletCommunication Metrics for Software Development [PDF, 138kb]
bulletNotes on Empirical Studies of Engineering Tasks and Environments [PDF, 302kb]
bulletOrdering of Information in Engineering Design Organizations [PDF, 189kb]
bulletUsing an Issue-based Model in a Team-based Software Engineering Course [PDF, 96kb]

Philosophy and Approach
bulletCreating Shared Information Spaces to Support Collaborative Design Work [PDF, 5kb]
bulletDesign as Building and Reusing Artifact Theories [PDF, 66kb]
bulletThe n-dim Approach [PDF, 96kb]
bulletShared Memory in Design [PDF, 95kb]
bulletSupporting Engineering Design [PDF, 182kb]
bulletVarieties and Issues of Participation and Design [PDF, 173kb]

Design Education
bulletIntegrating social aspects and group work aspects in engineering design education [PDF, 54kb]
bulletThe Use of Video Taped Lectures and Web Based Communications in Teaching [PDF, 42kb]

Technology Transfer
bulletSoftware Doesn't Transfer, People Do [PDF, 5kb]

Information Management
bulletDistributed and Collaborative Computer-Aided Environments in Process Engineering Design [PDF, 126kb]
bulletInformation Assets [PDF, 71kb]
bulletInformation and Communication Management for Complex Engineered Systems [PDF, 54kb]
bulletMaterials' Information and Conceptual Data Modeling [PDF, 54kb]
bulletSupporting Event-Driven Activities in a Distributed Design Environment [HTML]

The Design Process
bulletBuilding Agility for Developing Agile Design Information Systems [PDF, 301kb]
bulletDesigning the Process Design Process [PDF, 120kb]
bulletManagement of the Design Process: The Impact of Information Modeling [PDF, 152kb]

bulletCreating Shared Information Spaces to Support Collaborative Design Work [PDF, 148kb]
bulletDesigning and Implementing a Flowsheet Application with n-dim [HTML]
bulletIWEB (Information Web) [HTML]
bulletAn Overview of the n-dim Environment [PDF, 295kb]

Evolutionary Prototyping
bulletThe Basic Object System: Supporting a Spectrum From Prototypes To Hardened Code [PDF, 112kb]
bulletStrictly Class-Based Modeling Considered Harmful [PDF, 83kb]
bulletUser-Centered Evolutionary Software Development Using Python and Java [HTML]

n-dim Presentations

bulletThe n-dim Project [PDF, 129kb]
bulletUniversity-Industry Research Partnerships [PDF, 130kb]
bulletn-dim: n-dimensional information modeling [PDF, 5kb]
bulletOverview of Technology Management and Information Technology Management [PDF, 3kb]