Social Processes, Engineering Design, and Information Systems

The n-dim group is interested in designing information systems that support the social processes that are integral to design. Our group studies engineering work processes in order to create methods for managing knowledge in engineering design. We consider an understanding of work processes to be an integral part of system's development. In order to analyze work processes the n-dim group has researched and developed methods for studying the flow and use of information in design organizations. We then use an evolutionary prototyping method build and test design applications that support engineering knowledge management. For a complete explanation of our methods see our paper The n-dim Approach to Creating Design Support Systems.

Our mission: to provide software to support the information needs of geographically and temporally dispersed teams of individuals engaged in multi-person, multi-place, multi-period, interdisciplinary tasks like, but not limited to, engineering design.

Current projects:
Engineering Change Notification

Past projects:
Design management
Process Capture

  Software developed:
Decision processor
n-dim modeling

Industrial partners:
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Adtranz, NA
Union Switch & Signal (US&S)